Raspberry and Vanilla Pikelets (egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free)

raspberry pikelets

Makes: 24

1/4 cup water

1 tablespoon black or white chia seeds

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise, seeds scraped

1 cup milk of your choice (rice and almond milk are lovely)

1 cup wholemeal plain flour

1 teaspoon aluminium-free baking powder

1 Combine the water, chia seeds and raspberries in a large bowl. Stand for 10 minutes or until the chia seeds look plump. Stir in the vanilla seeds, milk, flour and baking powder until a smooth batter forms.

2 Heat a large non-stick frying pan over and medium-low heat. Drop level 1 tablespoon measures of the batter into the hot pan. Cook the pikelets, in batches, for 1-2 minutes each side or until cooked through and golden. Serve warm.


– If you do not have to worry about egg allergy then you can replace the water and chia seeds in the recipe with 1 egg.

– This is a great recipe for using up all of those really small broken frozen raspberry pieces at the bottom of the packet.

– You can use fresh raspberries instead, when in season and much cheaper.

– Keep your vanilla bean pod after the seeds have been scraped. Store in an airtight container in a cool dark place and use when poaching or baking fruit.

– If you do not have to worry about any dairy allergies then use full-cream milk in the recipe and try cooking the pikelets in a little melted butter too.

– The recipe can be easily changed to a gluten-free treat. Replace the flour and baking powder with your favourite gluten-free self-raising flour mixture. Just add 3/4 cup of your milk of choice first, then slowly add more (if needed) until you have a nice pouring batter. Gluten-free flours tend not to need as much liquid as wholemeal flours.

– When cooking your pikelets, you must be patient and wait for small bubbles to appear on the wet surface and burst first, before turning, to ensure that they cook through.

– Please note that because chia seeds are used instead of egg in this recipe the pikelets have a different, lovely moist texture. Great for young babies who haven’t yet started to get their baby teeth.

– If these pikelets don’t disappear quickly after cooking they can be stored, covered, in the fridge overnight. Just place under a hot grill to toast up again before serving.

– Some children may want a little sweetness added to these – simply brush the tops of the hot pikelets with a little honey before serving.

– My little boy just loves having these served with some Greek yogurt for dipping – albeit messy!


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